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Rustin Parr Rustin Parr


Rustin Parr was 38 years old in 1941. He had lived in Frederick County, Maryland all his life.

He didn't go to school much. Both his parents were dead before he was 10 years old. That's when Rustin moved to Burkittsville to live with his aunt and uncle. His uncle was pretty abusive but he was a carpenter, and he taught Rustin everything he knew. He liked Burkittsville a lot. The woods that surrounded the town were great to get away from everyone and be by himself. He always liked to be by himself.

That's why it wasn't much of a surprise when Rustin decided to build a house up in the hillside, a four-hour walk from town. He was in his early twenties and it took him almost five years to finish the house. It was a beautiful, three-story home next to a creek. Rustin continued to work at his uncle's shop for a few more years, but little by little he began to come into town less and less. Then his aunt died and his uncle moved to Baltimore. There wasn't much of a reason to go back anymore.

He lived in that house ever since. He lived a peaceful life, smoking his pipe and taking long walks in the woods. Rustin was happy. He loved nature and the animals all around him. He only went into town about twice a year to pick up supplies.

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